Syed International Privacy Policy

We are Syed International a leading provider of online tools and services designed to help small businesses succeed online.

Security and privacy are at the core of our business practices and product offerings; we care deeply about protecting the personal information of our customers and website visitors. Our goal is to be as transparent and forthright as possible about the data we collect, with whom we share this data, and how this data is used.

The data we collect includes: user information (name, email, physical address, company name, phone number, geographic location, payment information, etc.

This information is shared with members of the Syed International corporate family and authorized users within your organization, and legal or regulatory authorities as required. The purpose of this data sharing is wide-ranging, from providing services and content, to account registration, payment processing, technical support, , business communications, and more. 

What we Collect

User Information

  • E-mail
  • Name
  • Company name
  • Address and/or billing address
  • Phone number
  • Geographic location
  • Industry
  • Payment information

How is data used

  • To provide services and content
  • Account registration
  • Payment processing
  • Customer and technical support
  • Customized content
  • Business communications
  • Analytics and for statistical purposes
  • Maintain quality of services
  • Security, Compliance, and Legal reasons

Domain Transfer Policy

We always wish to all our client’s are stay connect with us work with us without any issue and hesitation.

If our any client wants to transfer his domain or hosting to other registrar so he has to follow our transfer policy and send the transfer request according to the policy points mentioned below :

  • Client has to send transfer request on  before the 90 days of expiry.
  • Client has to pay 28.30 USD for domain auth code after the payment domain status will unlock you can transfer to any other registrar
  • As per the rule of ICANN domain cannot be transfer to another registrar before the 90 days of registration or renewal.
  • We cannot add the nameserver of other hosting companies in our panel so you have to transfer domain first for change nameservers

Free Website Support

When the project complete we provide 30 days free support for any type of changes on website . (Except Theme & Template)


Free SSL Certificate

We secure your connection with encrypted SSL certificate (cost $60) completely free for 1st year of subscription.