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Syed International Hosting has impeccable uptime with our servers because we simply spread you out over a large number of the servers we host on. Lowball hosting companies have no choice but to cram all their clients onto 1 server because they simply don’t have the revenue to purchase more. Sooner or later that 1 server will become a problem for everyone because it can’t handle the load from all the sites being hosted on it. Email will fail, the server will crash, the databases will become useless etc… Here today, gone tomorrow hosting companies always start out providing good service because they hardly have a clientele and can answer a few support emails as well as answer a few calls. In the beginning, they hardly host any web sites so their server seems to work well but in time you’ll notice the server will start having problems and then it snowballs. No matter how powerful the server, it can be abused. We see this all too often in our industry.

We invest business profits into reliable web servers, bandwidth and our network center. We all win win win in this situation. We spread our clients out over a bunch of servers in our data center so they run fast without millions of issues from over-crowding due to the lack of funds . We hope that the vision you have for your own business holds the same standards, quality and value for yourself and for your clients.

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